Native bracelet - Verna Tahe copper bracelet

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Native bracelet - Verna Tahe copper bracelet

Verna Tahe hallmarked copper signed cuff bracelet.  6 inch cuff with 1 inch opening.  25.2 grams.  Resale item in near perfect condition.  Sold as-is.

The Tahe name has several different identifiable styles associated with it and more are appearing over time.  Jewelry created in this name may or may be created by people related to one another.

The best known style is very recognizable. They use various types and gauges of wire and metal sheeting and work them into their final products.  

The results are typically very clean, and well executed.  They mostly use silver but,  once upon a time, Franklin and Verna did some gold fill work.  The artist owners of CC own, collect and regularly wear their pieces in both bracelets and earrings.

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