Farm Fresh Pig Pen Slime


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Farm Fresh Pig Pen Slime

Farm Fresh’s high-selling pigpen-themed kids’ putty toy, Pigpen Slime, contains 2 squishy pink piggies and 1 resealable plastic container of non-toxic brown gooey slime. Kids love the bright pink piglets and stretchy dark-brown mud putty. Each piglet has a squished nose, round black eyes, and two tiny hooves. The mud putty is shiny and goopy, just like pigpen mud. Stretch it, squeeze it, squish the piggies in it. Get the muddy slime all over them without a single worry. Ideally sized for party favor bags, these putty toys are popular year-round.

• Age Grade: 3+

• Product Dimensions/Weight: 3.9 L x 2.8 W x 2.3 H / 0.4 lb

• Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 9.0 L x 8.8 W x 5.3 H / 5.5 lb

• Made In: China

• Batteries not required

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